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Welcome  to QTS Inc.

QTS Inc. provides applications development for the Agilent 3070 ICT systems. 

          QTS Inc. no longer provides spare parts, service or calibration for the HP3065 and Agilent 3070.

Agilent 3070 Incircuit Test Development Services:

             Complete test programs and test fixtures readyy for production

              Enahnced test coverage analysis

              ISP programming

             Flash Programming

             Customized applications


            QTS Test Engineers have over 20 years of practical hands on experience

            QTS delivers production ready 3070 programs.

Custom CAD Processor:

           Whatever type of PC CAD system you use, we can process the data for use with the 3070 test development software.

Accurate Quotations:

            We use our proprietary CAD processor to quickly and accurately quote your project.

Programmable Devices:

            Flash, programmable FPGA's, Serial EEPROM with fixed or variable data are programmed to your  specifications.   

Custom Applications:

         If you need custom test support, such as MAC Address management or external instrumentation in your 3070 tests, QTS can provide these solutions.

Design for Test Reviews:

       We include is a preliminary test coverage report generated by our CAD processor with every quotation.

         We can provide a thorough DFT anaysis for your board. We need a bare or loaded board for the thorough analysis. Call for quote!


         QTS has one Series II 3070 including two modules with double density hybrid cards and two modules with single density hybrid cards. 

        The QTS system can be configured to match almost any existing HP3070 configuration.

        The Control cards are Control XT. 

        QTS has two Access Plus cards available too.

        We have a UNIX based controller with 5.21pd software. We have the PC Test Development software. 

Test Development:


        QTS develops all programs to be interoperable unless the customerís software revision is less than 5.00p.


        QTS always targets single density cards if the board will fit.


           Our test coverage goal is to demonstrate that the correct parts are properly installed. This is accomplished using the HP3070ís traditional sequence of in-circuit tests.


        Reducing or eliminating false failures is also an objective. QTS expands BOM tolerances for resistors and capacitors as follows:

        1% > 2.5%, 5% > 7.5%, 10% > 13.5% and 20% > 25%. These expansions are made before the tests are generated by IPG.


        Our Test Engineers support Advanced Boundary Scan, Flash Programming and Device Programming using external

        device programmers.


        Board level functional testing is not included unless it is specifically described on the project quotation.


       Our Test Engineers can provide Functional Test add ons if needed.


       We work with Q1 Test, QXQ and Circuit Check. We always use your preferred fixture vendor.


       Call or Email and ask for a copy of the QTS Statement of Work! We appreciate plagiarism later!


       If you are having a test development or debug problem, give us a call! We always have a few extra minutes each day

       to solve problems. 


Contact Information

       Telephone: (970) 669-5217
       FAX: (970) 669-5656
       Postal address: 2379 West 8th Street , Loveland CO  80537
       Electronic mail: sales@qualitytest.com
       FTP: ftp.qualitytest.com

National Sales Manager

    Tim Richmond: trichmond@qualitytest.com

      Telephone: (952) 454-4474

Test Engineers 

      Chris Jepson: cjepson@qualitytest.com

      Knut Mowbray: kmowbray@qualitytest.com


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